No-Kill Mouse Trap: An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Mice Humanely 🐭

No Kill Mouse Trap
A reusable ‘Hole In One’ no kill mouse trap allows you to catch up to 15 mice at once.

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What Makes the Multi-Catch No Kill Mouse Trap Different?

Although mice are rodents and can do serious damage to property and spread disease, they are living creatures and deserve our consideration. I believe that humans are stewards of the earth, animals, and resources. For that reason, I think this multi-catch no kill mouse trap is the only right choice for catching mice.

Benefits of a no kill mouse trap

Needless to say, that you will, first of all, stop killing an innocent animal! I don’t know if any other reason is significant, but I will try to list them.

  1. ✔️Effective. You can catch up to 15 mice at once! You would have to place 15 spring-loaded mousetraps to catch this many mice at once.
  2. 🧍Humane. It’s one of the most humane mousetraps in the market. That’s because the food and water placed inside the trap keep them healthy for days. Additionally, they experience less stress, as other mice are around them.
  3. ♻️Reusable. The parts of traditional traps often break or wear out, so you have to buy a new one. There are no moving parts in this trap, so as long as you don’t damage it physically, you can reuse this no kill mouse trap for years.
  4. ✔️Easy to use. You can easily transport and release mice from the trap.
  5. 🧼Sanitary. One of the worst parts of using traditional mousetrap is the disposing of dead mice. Just release the mice at some distance away from your home without cleaning the mess.
  6. ❤️Harmless. It’s a No Kill Mouse Trap that does not use poison or glue. There are no moving parts to malfunction or harm mice. Also, without killing the animal and leaving a dead carcass lying around, you will not draw more rodents or insects into storage areas.
  7. 🏪Great for commercial use. With this mousetrap, no customers are alienated or protesting your company’s pest control.
  8. ✔️Check the trap less often. With enough food and water provided, the mice can live comfortably for a longer period (up to 2 days).
  9. 🐶 Pet/Children friendly. Traditional spring-loaded mousetraps or poison can harm your pet or children. This mousetrap is 100% safe and non-toxic.

So there you go – 9 more reasons to stop using lethal mousetrap and start saving our little friends.

Why you should stop using lethal mousetraps?

Glue traps vs no kill mouse trap

Although it sounds quick and efficient, lethal methods are not so good as they seem. There are lots of products on the market: glue or bucket traps, spring-loaded, and many others. All of these kill the rodent. Some of these are more humane, and the others are super cruel. Let’s take a closer look at some of the lethal mousetraps.

Glue traps

It’s a plate covered with glue that smells like cookies or vanilla. A mouse detects the odor and climbs on the trap. Then, it gets stuck and can’t escape. The more a mouse tries to break free, the more energy it uses, and finally dies either of starvation, dehydration, or suffocation. Some mice even chew their legs off while trying to escape, which brings an even more painful death.

Furthermore, while stuck in the glue, a mouse will urinate and defecate on itself. It is not just infinitely cruel, but also unsanitary, as it may contain various diseases. A glue trap is dangerous to small children and pets, as they can get stuck and be injured.

It is by far the most inhumane mousetrap ever created. That’s why some countries have banned the use of these traps completely. Get a reusable no kill mouse trap and never again let these animals suffer.

Lethal bucket trap

In the lethal bucket method, a bucket is filled with water, and when the mouse gets in the trap, it drowns. Drowning is one of the most painful deaths. And you will still have to dispose of the dead bodies. It is much better to use a non-lethal bucket mouse trap. You can reuse it many times, and it costs no more than the other methods.


Poison is another inhumane and cruel way to get rid of mice. Throughout the years, scientists have developed such products that have a very strong scent. For example, rat poison smells like cookies. After eating it, the internal bleeding starts, carbon dioxide is produced, and the mouse suffers from oxygen deficiency. That’s why the mice get out to an open space where they would never normally go.

Humane Smart No Kill MouseTrap

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Another serious problem when using poison is that other wild animals may eat dead or weakened rodents. Many people are not aware of this and do not follow the product’s instructions closely. Rat poison may be lethal for birds, dogs, cats, and sometimes even human babies. Poison control centers receive thousands of calls each year from parents of children who have eaten rat poison.

Of course, there are basic rules of how to avoid this horrible accident, but the most logical one would be – stop using rat poison! Instead, choose a no-kill mousetrap that will not only protect your pets, babies, and wild animals but will also save mice.

Traditional spring-loaded mousetrap

Spring-loaded mousetraps are probably the best choice of all lethal methods. If powerful enough, such a trap kills a mouse instantly. But there are lots of low-quality products such as plastic mousetraps, that are safer for the fingers of the person setting them up, but not so good for the mice. Such a trap is less powerful and sometimes leaves a poor animal pressed but still alive and suffering until it dies of suffocation.

Another drawback of spring-loaded mousetraps is that you can only catch one mouse at a time. You have to set at least five or six traditional mousetraps to catch more than one mice. And you will still have to dispose of the dead bodies and clean the mess. Moreover, if you don’t notice that the mouse is in the trap and leave it for a longer period, it becomes a sanitary issue. It can spread various viruses and diseases.

Why a no kill mouse trap is the best choice?

No Kill Rat Trap
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As you can see, all of the lethal methods give more or less suffering for the mice. Some of those are so inhumane that I’m sick to speak or think about it. The others contain less cruelty but are still lethal to an animal. I don’t understand why do you need to kill a living creature if you have an option not to do so? Plus, if it may harm my pet or even a child, why would I even consider using it whatsoever? How strongly would I have to hate mice, to use such brutal methods?

When I was unaware that a no kill mouse trap exists, I was using a traditional spring-loaded trap. And I was so upset when I had to look at the dead bodies of these little creatures. Now, every time I notice mice in my home, I just set the mousetrap and leave it for a couple of days. When they are all inside, I drive about a mile away from my home and set them free. It’s so good to know that I saved the lives of these little creatures.